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Ethical handmade modern leather products for mom, baby and the whole family.

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Modern Easy offers simple yet beautiful products for your home and kids.
Our aim is to make living easy, practical, yet stylish and sustainable.

Our mats are made of the softest reconstructed leather on top, coated with a synthetic layer of polyurethane to make it easy to wipe clean, and a suede on the bottom, giving you the ultimate feel of genuine leather and the convenience too clean easily. The mats are designed with our logo and finished off with a simple stitch.

Modern Easy mats are wipeable and water-resistant.  Clean it with a wipe, wet cloth, hose it off, brush of the water, shake of the sand – it is really as easy as that!

Handmade Leather Products Authentic
Genuine leather look & feel
Handmade Leather Products Waterproof
Water resistant
Handmade Leather Products Cleaning
Easy to clean
Handmade Leather Products Hand
Handmade Leather Products Earth Friendly
Ethically made
Handmade Leather Products Chemicals
Toxin free
Mats are foldable
Handmade Leather Products Dishwasher
products are dishwasher safe